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Gospel Outreach began as a Home Mission in 1976 in Philadelphia PA. In 1993, with a never wavering purpose of reaching Roman Catholics for Christ and in need of helping our Missionaries with office efficiency, the headquarters relocated to Taylors South Carolina. Our name was expanded to Gospel Outreach International To Roman Catholics to better reflect the nature of the Ministry.
GO teaches Roman Catholic Evangelism in the Local Church to Missionary Candidates, and in Bible Collages. Our missionaries are in 10 countries and GO helps fundamental works in 47 others through: Research, Tracts, Tapes, Videos, Books and Booklets specially designed for Roman Catholics.
Training Seminars have been developed on the basics, Winning Roman Catholics, and on more specialized areas of Dealing With Catholic Doctrine.
We are involved in the Association of Fundamentalists Evangelizing Catholics, the International Fundamental Churches of America, the Fundamental Baptist Fellowship and the Fellowship Of Missions.




The Ecumenical Movement
Satan’s blending denominations to form a One World Church.
The WCC and NCC
and related branches which carry out the            objectives of the Ecumenical movement.
The Charismatic Movement
which for the convenience of joining denominational hands, destroy the Doctrines of the Faith.
Liberalism, Modernism, Neo-Evangelicalism
which attack the purity and inspiration of the Word
Cooperative Evangelism
based in compromising truth
that changes the message to a false Gospel
Liberation Theology
Mixing religion and revolution
Which destroys Biblical evangelism


The Planting of Churches Local, Autonomous and Indigenous

Personal evangelism without compromise

Following sound Bible Doctrine and Principals


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